B2B and B2G Credit Card Processing

Did you know that if you are a business that accepts “P” (Purchasing) cards, there is a special category of Interchange that you may be eligible to qualify for?

Perfect Processing along with our processing partners can help specific businesses process transactions more cost effectively and at a reduced interchange expense.

  • Level 3 interchange rate qualification provides immediate merchant savings!
  • End-customer (buyer) demand for enhanced data is continuously increasing!


Merchant Marketplace

B2C (Business to Consumer) – Businesses selling to individual consumers

*Cards Accepted include: Consumer credit or rewards cards*


B2B (Business to Business) – Businesses selling to other businesses

*Cards Accepted include: Corporate Purchasing cards, Business cards*


B2G (Business to Government)- Businesses selling to Federal, State, or local Government agencies or utilizes and universities

*Cards Accepted include: Corporate purchasing cards, GSA Smart-Pay Federal Purchasing Card*